Old Dhaka Walking Tour

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  • Walking at backstreet of the Old Dhaka
  • Cruising at Sadarghat and Visting Parliament building
  • Visiting Pink Palace, Star mosque
  • Walking through Hindu Street & Bongshal
  • Visiting Armenian Church and Curzon Hall
  • Rickshaw Ride and Authentic Food tasting
  • Visiting Lalbagh Fort & Dakheshwri Temple

There are many streets in the old Dhaka that you cannot discover by yourself taking the help of a travel guidebook. Walking at the old Dhaka is one of the must-do activities while you are at Old Dhaka. Many significant areas of old Dhaka are not covered in those books the way we see as a local. Taking a city map in the hand discover those hidden places are difficult. These are the places where walking is the best option to experience the authentic lives of old Dhaka.

We will not be using private transport to do this full-day tour at the Old Dhaka. We only use the transport to reach near to the old Dhaka somewhere at the Dhaka University area and after reaching there, we will leave the car. This walking tour will be a good option for the street photographer. If you are very passionate to see the way of life, culture, traditional things, rather than the places of attraction, museum, and gallery then this tour offers you an opportunity to get closed to the people staying at the old for many generations.  


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Pick – Up:

Our guide will come to your hotel/residence to pick you up with a car to pick you up and start the tour immediately. The first point to stop at the National parliament building which is 6 kilometers from the Gulshan/Banani/Baridhara. 

Visiting National Parliament Building from outside

Once you reach the National Assembly Building (Parliament Building) which is one of the largest legislative buildings in the world and finest piece of architecture in Dhaka, designed by world-famous US architect Louis Kahn. Your guide will brief you about the significance of this magnificent architecture. On the north side of the parliament building, you will walk for 5 to 10 minutes to see the architectural wonder of it. From the north side, you will continue visiting the parliament building but this time from the south side which will give you another glimpse of the national parliament building. 

Visiting Lalbagh Fort, an unfinished 17th century Mughal fort compound

After visiting the National parliament building you will be heading toward Lalbagh fort, the most beautiful fort from the Mughal period, a key tourist attraction in Dhaka city. Upon arrival at Lalbagh fort, you will get inside the Lalbagh fort. And have a pleasant walk of 10 mins there. This is the last point of our tour that we will leave our car and start our tour walking.

Visiting Dhakeshawry Temple, the National Hindu Temple

Finishing the Lalbagfort you will be heading toward Dhakeshawry  temple, the national Hindu temple in the old Dhaka. The walking distance from Lalbagh fort to Dhakeshary temple is 7 to 8 mins walking distance. After visiting Dhakeshary temple we will take Rikshaw to come to visit the Dhaka university area. 

Roaming around in the Dhaka University and visiting Curzon Hall

In the Dhaka university are our key tourist point will be the Curzon hall, the 100 years old impressive building now being used by Dhaka university science faculty. Besides this, we also will visit the Central Shahid Minar and Solimullah student dormitory and so on. From Curzon hall, we will start again walking to the key points of old Dhaka. 


Entering into the center of Old Dhaka through Nazira Bazar Street (bicycle street)

This time we will get into the old Dhaka through Nazira Bazar, the street popular for the bicycle. There are many good restaurants in this area including the famous biriyani street in this locality. 

Lunch Break with authentic Bangladeshi food in a descent restaurant.

By this time we will be hungry and will have an authentic taste of popular Bangladeshi food. 

Star Mosque, striking mosque in Old Dhaka with beautiful inlaid decorations and scenes

After lunch, we will be walking through Bonglsal pond and move to the Star mosque, a significant Muslim structure. One of the oldest mosques in old Dhaka, the exterior walls are star graved thus it was named Tara Moshzid in Bangla which is Star Mosque in English. The only mosque in the old Dhaka always open for tourists to visit inside. 


Visiting Armenian Church along with cemetery adjacent to it with hundreds of thoughtful epitaph & sculptures

After having a worth visit of star mosque, we will be moving to the Armenian church which is the living sign Armenian colony in the 17th century in this subcontinent.

Walking through Hindu Street known as Shakari Bazar, one of the oldest areas in the old Dhaka

After finishing the visit of Armenian Church we will be heading to Shakahri Bazar, the Hindu street, the authentic lifestyle of the Hindu people at the old Dhaka. This street is full of sights and sounds with the fragrance coming from the temples. There you will see the shops musical instruments and “Shaka”.

Visiting the signature architecture of Old Dhaka, Ahsan Manzil

After the Hindu Street, we continue walking for another 5 mins to reach the gate of the superstructure of old Dhaka, Ahsan Manjil. This is also known as the pink palace also because of it color. This building is the source of modern Dhaka. The owner of this building started to create the infrastructure for the city we are having today. He started the firs introduced electricity, water system and so on. Now, this building has been turned into a museum that will give you an impression of the lifestyle, of the then time, of the owner of this majestic building. 

Visiting Sadarghat, the busiest river port of Bangladesh

Now we will be moving to the main attraction of the old Dhaka trip and that is Sadarghat boat terminal. This is the busiest river port of south-east Asia. Every day thousands of people travel throughout this riverine gateway. Hundreds of tiny traditional boats resemble the rickshaw on the water. They are busy transferring the people from one bank of the river to others. 

Enjoying a small boat trip at Sadarghat

Here, we will do a small bot trip for 30 mins to have the real-time experience of the busy river and you will be overwhelmed to see the engagements of the tiny boats how do they cross the river giving the way some gigantic cargos or ferries passing through them and most importantly bustling sound of the shipbuilding yard. 

End of the tour:

After finishing this river port, we will hire a car again to come back to your hotel/residence and finish the tour with an unforgettable memory.  


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What to ware ?

As Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country and has a conservative attitude toward dress. In this regard, a modest dress is always welcomed. In the metropolitan cities western dress will not be any problem but in the rural area better to be a bit modestly dressed to receive respect from the locals.

What to Ware in Bangladesh tour?

what to ware in Bangladesh tour


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