Nayabad Mosque History and Travel Guide.

Nayabad Mosque History and Travel Guide.


The Nayabad mosque is situated in the south-west of the historically important mosque Kantajew Temple on the bank of Dhepa River. It is in the Kaharole Thana and the name came from this mosque from this village called Nayabad. It was build in the year of 1793 AD as per the inscription found on the central doorway and it is the Mughal Emperor Sah Alam who built this super architecture. The then time, Raja Baidyanat, the last Royal Family, was the Feudal landowner. 


Mosque for the workers of Kantaji Temple

Front Gage of Nayabad Mosque
Front Gage of Nayabad Mosque - Morshed Rayhan 

This mosque was built for the personal use of the workers who came to build the Kantijew Temple during the 17th century and the Roayl Family of Rangpur area was very prominent in that period who erected the Kataji Temple. It was a tradition that the Muslim worker used to build the famous temple. 


Description of the structure

Nayadab Mosque from another angle
Nayadab Mosque from another angle - Photo Credit:  Waliul Islam

An oblong three-domed mosque with octagonal towers at the four corners is the key architectural feature of this mosque. You will find three arched entries to enter into the mosque. The central one is larger than the flanking ones and these are equal in height and width. There is an arched window each on the south and north sides for ventilation. There are three mihrabs in line with the entrances. Three hemispherical domes cover the mosque the central one is bigger than others.


Rectangular terracotta plaques

Nayabad Mosque
Nayabad Mosque - Photo Credit: Abu Bakar Abu

For the decoration of the mosque, Terracotta plaques have been used. There are about more than a hundred terracotta plaques rectangular in shape that was used in the surface decoration of the mosque walls. There is a low perimeter wall made by brick and there is only one access point to get into the mosque. A number of tombs on either side of the mosque. 


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